Auxiliary Tasks in Multi-task Learning

Auxiliary Tasks in Multi-task Learning

Lukas Liebel    Marco Körner

sectioning \RedeclareSectionCommands[ beforeskip=-.5afterskip=.25]section,subsection,subsubsection \RedeclareSectionCommands[ beforeskip=.5afterskip=-1em ]paragraph,subparagraph \newacronymfpsFPSframes per second \newacronymrsuRSUroad scene understanding \newacronymgtaGTA VGrand Theft Auto V \newacronymsideSIDEsingle-image depth estimation \newacronymfcnFCNfully-convolutional network \newacronymcnnCNNconvolutional neural network \newacronymmiouMIoUmean intersection over union \newacronymreluReLUrectified linear unit \newacronymasppASPPatrous spatial pyramid pooling \newacronymresnetResNetresidual network \newacronymrmsctdRMSCTDroot mean squared cyclic time difference \newacronymmseMSEmean squared error \newacronymrmseRMSEroot mean squared error \newacronym[shortplural=ADAS]adasADASadvanced driver assistance system \newglossaryentrycvname=computer vision, description= \newglossaryentryavname=autonomous vehicles, description= \newglossaryentryadname=autonomous driving, description= \newglossaryentrymtname=multi-task, description= \newglossaryentrysiname=synthetic images, description= \newglossaryentryannname=artificial neural network, description= \newglossaryentrycgname=computer graphics, description= \newglossaryentrystdname=synthetic training data, description= \newglossaryentryauxname=auxiliary task, description= \newglossaryentrymainname=main task, description= \newglossaryentrysemsegname=semantic segmentation, description= \newglossaryentryirname=image recognition, description= \newglossaryentryacname=atrous convolution, description= \newglossaryentryconvname=convolutional, description= \newglossaryentrymaxname=max pooling, description= \newglossaryentryfcname=fully connected, description= \newglossaryentrysoftmaxname=softmax, description= \newglossaryentrycename=cross entropy, description= \newglossaryentrybatchname=mini batch, description= \newglossaryentryowname=open world, description= \newglossaryentryodname=object detection, description= \newglossaryentrysctdname=squared cyclic time difference, description= \newglossaryentrylossname=loss function, description= \newglossaryentryicname=image classification, description= \newglossaryentryatname=atomic task, description= \newglossaryentryvbname=vision-based, description= \newglossaryentrye-dname=encoder-decoder, description= \newglossaryentryename=encoder, description= \newglossaryentrydname=decoder, description= \newglossaryentrydatasetname=synMT, description= \glsdisablehyper \setkomafontcaption \setkomafontcaptionlabel\usekomafontcaption


author \publishersComputer Vision Research Group, Chair of Remote Sensing Technology
Technical University of Munich, Germany
{lukas.liebel, marco.koerner}


mt \glsplcnn have shown impressive results for certain combinations of tasks, such as \glsside and \glssemseg. This is achieved by pushing the network towards learning a robust representation that generalizes well to different \glsplat. We extend this concept by adding \glsplaux, which are of minor relevance for the application, to the set of learned tasks. As a kind of additional regularization, they are expected to boost the performance of the ultimately desired \glsplmain. To study the proposed approach, we picked \glsvb \glsrsu as an exemplary application. Since \glsmt learning requires specialized datasets, particularly when using extensive sets of tasks, we provide a multi-modal dataset for \glsmt \glsrsu, called \glsdataset. More than synthetic images, annotated with different labels, were acquired from the video game \glsgta. Our proposed deep \glsmt \glscnn architecture was trained on various combination of tasks using \glsdataset. The experiments confirmed that \glsplaux can indeed boost network performance, both in terms of final results and training time.

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