GroundAI Community Guidelines

    We are committed to making GroundAI a welcoming environment for all the different voices and perspectives in our community, while maintaining a space where people are free to express themselves. A community that cherishes collaborations among, like-minded, people with similar passions and distinct ideas regarding AI. Together, we all have an exciting opportunity and responsibility to make this a community we can be proud of.

    Building a strong community

    • Be fair and honest, and unbiased - We encourage your to assess the strengths and weaknesses of papers. Be specific in your critique, and provide supporting evidence with appropriate references to substantiate general statements.
    • Be welcoming and open-minded - Other collaborators may not have the same experience level or background as you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have good ideas to contribute. We encourage you to be welcoming to new collaborators on your projects and discussions.
    • Be clear- Communicating on the Internet can be awkward. It’s hard to convey or read tone. Try to use clear language, and think about how it will be received by the other person.

    What is not allowed?

    • Hate speech and discrimination - we do not tolerate speech that attacks a person or group of people on the basis of who they are such as gender identity and expression, age, ethnicity, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, sexual identity and orientation, religion, or race.
    • Bullying and harassment - We do not tolerate bullying or harassment. This means any habitual badgering or intimidation targeted at a specific person or group of people. In general, if your actions are unwanted and you continue to engage in them, there’s a good chance you are headed into bullying or harassment territory.
    • Impersonation - You may not seek to mislead others as to your identity by copying another person’s avatar, posting content under their email address, using a similar username or otherwise posing as someone else. Impersonation is a form of harassment.
    • If you see something, you can always contact us to Report Abuse . We’ll review each abuse report and take an immediate action that includes but are not limited to:
      • Content Removal
      • Content Blocking
      • Account Suspension
      • Account Termination

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